Speak with Confidence - Master the Art of Public Speaking

2.5 Hour LIVE Workshop by Dev Gadhvi ( India's First Passionpreneur Mentor, TEDx Speaker, Josh Talk Speaker, Best Selling Author - 80% Mindset 20% Skills )

January 20th, 7.30 p.m. | Wednesday

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Learn the 5-Step Proven Method to Master the Art of Public Speaking

Learn the Secrets of Mastering Public Speaking Skills that Nobody Talks About

The 4 Levels of Communication and How It Would Affect Your Income and Impact – This is something that very few people understand or talk about, but once you hear it, it would make a major difference to your financial life

The 5-Step Speak with Confidence Framework – This frameworks will allow you to be able address the group of people in any situation

(hint: It’s not about practicing in front of the mirror many times)

The Little-Known 3-Step Formula That’ll Drastically Change How You See “Communication” – After hearing this, lots of people understand WHY they’re not able to speak confidently in front of people or getting the job promotion they’re looking for

The Secret to go from feeling “Nervous” and “Hesitant” while speaking to others to feeling “Confident” (Knowing that people will listen to you)

How To Overcome The “Fear” And Get Rid Of the “Shyness” In Front Of People And Express Your Thoughts Clearly (Even to a stranger)

How to “Sound” Smart in front of the people you want to impress even when you go “Blank” or out of words

30 Minutes Q&A

This Is The Time Where You Can Ask Any Questions You Have About The Challenges You Face And Get Insider Tips To “Speaking with Confidence”

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Book Seat worth ₹999 Offline for just ₹97 & learn from your home!

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Book Seat worth ₹999 Offline for just ₹97 & learn from your home!

As this is a LIVE Workshop, we have limited seats available!

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Book Seat worth ₹999 Offline for just ₹97 & learn from your home!

As this is a LIVE Workshop, we have limited seats available!

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Book Seat worth ₹999 Offline for just ₹97 & learn from your home!

As this is a LIVE Workshop, we have limited seats available!


Great question. 


No, it is not important if you are happy with where you are in terms of your life and career


But if you want more out of your life, career and relationship then you must learn to communicate with others.

Imagine you sitting in front of your boss and feel like sharing your thoughts but words do not come out


And your colleague shares his point which was nowhere closer to your brilliant point but he got recognition and got promoted as well


If you are someone who wants to change that then yes it is important. 


Similarly, expressing your thoughts in a client meeting, social gathering, talking to a strangers etc. it is a must to have a good communication 

The answer is absolutely YES! 


This masterclass is not a “magic pill”. 


In order to truly help you and transform your life, 2.5-hour is not enough.


If anybody tells you that they can change your life in 2.5-hour, you probably want to stay away from it.


It takes time, practice and consistent learning if you’re looking to create ANY changes in your life.


So the answer is yes, there’ll be an upsell and there’ll also be a ton of values that you’ll not hear anywhere else.

In the past we have provided recordings to people who couldn’t attend the session live. But what we realise is that MOST people never go back and listen.


We believe that we can only support you, help you, showing you what’s possible, if you’re there LIVE with us. 


Therefore you’ll NOT receive any recordings.

Mark your calendar for the exact live session date! There will be NO replay available.

We’re unsure how long we’ll be doing live classes.


Once it’s gone, you might not be seeing this page anymore! So, I’d suggest you take action now.

We believe that ANYONE can speak confidently no matter what’s their background, what’s their experience level, what’s their current status.


We’re not promising that you’ll be able to instantly “remove your shyness” in the 2.5-hour.

But you’ll walk away with understanding WHY it happens and how you can fix it.

I was born in a poor family, dad was a truck driver. Mum was a home-maker. (You’ll read all that in the free digital copy 80%mindset 20%skills Book)


Growing up there wasn’t any education or even awareness about the importance of “communication”.


I was a “shy” kid for a long time that I wouldn’t speak much in front of others… because I was afraid how they would think about me.


Coming from that background, fast forward to now running a successful business… 


I realised how important it is to communicate effectively and confidently.


If I could understand all of these things earlier in my life…


it would save me a lot of trials and errors of feeling like “disappearing from my chair”.


It would’ve enabled me to fast track my profession and career growth.


And after training hundreds of mentees in my private mentorship program, I realised one of the biggest challenges that many of them are facing is to be able to communicate clearly and confidently.


I’ve witnessed a lot of people “come out from the shell”… From never speaking in front of a video to saying “oh that’s easy. I can make 10 videos in a day” speaking confidently.


This is the reason why I decided to help people who’re facing struggles, but are determined to change and not let the “fear” control them.

Do you really think that good communicators are born? 


Or are they made?


I am sure you would say – They are made. 


Just like Doctor, Engineer etc. you can become a good communicator and a speaker.


It is a skill which can be learnt!

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